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Welcome to Derp...Derp...Code!, my programming journal/blog. This site is more for me than anyone else, but if you are here and reading, that's great! You might wonder about the name - I might be good at programming, but I am a bad programmer, so I tend to derp a lot before producing worthwhile code.

Avatar5 Jan 2019

Coding a random dungeon generator, pt 1

An exercise in sloppy spaghetti coding

Many years ago, 2008 if my guess is right, I had the idea to write a random dungeon generator. I succeeded but left it somewhat unfinished. I picked that little project back up in mid/late 2018 as part of my Awesome Theory 2.0 project. I am going to deconstruct it piece by piece in order to better understand what the heck I did 10+ years ago. I won't lie, some of the code is brilliant in my opinion, but some of my past decisions are hard to understand. Note that this is one way to accomplish this - there are probably many other better ways. This is just what I came up with to solve the problem.

First things first, the actual construction of a dungeon should be a function, and so...(more)

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Working links described

Though "working" is up for debate...

Acrophobia - once upon a time in the late 1990s there was a website called Bezerk, you can see a screen capture of it here, that hosted a game called Acrophobia where you had to come up with what a group of letters could stand for. It was hilarious and great fun. Some clones of it exist out there, but none, in my opinion, are done as well as that one. I thought it would make a good party game in the vein of Cards Against Humanity: people take turns being the judge and call out a randomly generated acronym then players have 1-2 minutes to come up with the best one they can and the judge de...(more)

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